Breaking by Rachel Stanton at Appledore Exhibition. Photo by Dirty Martini Marketing.
Breaking by Rachel Stanton at Appledore Exhibition. Photo by Dirty Martini Marketing.

Art’s top new website

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Artmakers online platform makes North Devon talent more accessible

Designers behind a new art website say it’ll make the work of some of the south west’s most talented creators more accessible for clients around the country.

ArtMakers say the website is revolutionising the way art is enjoyed and purchased online. The team have focused its creation around the cornerstones of accessibility, affordability and user experience.

Founded by Phil Parker and Hilary Beecroft, ArtMakers has quickly gained recognition for its commitment to supporting emerging artists and providing a platform for their artwork to be seen and appreciated.

The ArtMakers community aims to bring together creative minds from various disciplines in the South West – and beyond.

The new website brings a host of exciting changes and enhancements, addressing the needs and feedback of both artists and buyers.

‘We are thrilled to unveil the new website for ArtMakers,’ says Phil Parker. ‘Our mission has always been to provide a platform that supports artists / makers and connects them with a wider audience.’

‘With the latest improvements to the website, we are confident that artists will find it easier to showcase their work, and buyers will enjoy a more streamlined and enjoyable art-buying experience.’

‘We are excited about the future of ArtMakers and the incredible talent that will be discovered and celebrated on our platform,’ adds Hilary.

Straightforward purchasing for buyers

Navigating the site is straightforward and intuitive. The gallery provides more information when hovering over the artwork which aims to provide buyers with a more straightforward purchasing experience.

Affordable Art will now be a permanent fixture on the website, showcasing a diverse range of artwork that caters to different budgets. This commitment allows art enthusiasts at any level to find pieces they love and cherish.

The new website also simplifies the art upload process for artists. They can now easily share their creations without the hassle of duplicating information, saving time and allowing them to focus on what they do best.

These changes have been made alongside a simplified membership structure, which replaces a tiered pricing approach.

The new membership options are based on geographical area, offering various packages for artists from North Devon – or wider regions.

This change ensures that artists have the right exposure to their local communities while also reaching a broader audience.

The new website launch follows the successful opening of the new ‘Art Upstairs’ gallery in Bideford.

It will be used in supporting the Appledore Book Festival exhibition of the ‘New Atlantic Wave’ and a series of events at the National Trust’s Arlington Court.

To explore the new ArtMakers website and discover the outstanding artwork on display, please visit

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