Charity cuts landfill waste with new green initiative

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Recycling clothing: protecting the planet and your pocket

Protecting the world from needless waste is a goal being set by a Devon charity aiming to recycle clothing in a trendy and fashionable way.

With the cost of living crisis hitting home, and with climate change never far from front page news, b.kinda is a new brand. It offers pre-loved clothing, presented in a stylish packaging, to women around the UK.

The idea is the brainchild of St Luke’s Hospice in Plymouth which provides end of life care in the community. 

The team is bringing the best of their charity shop offers online for those who want to ‘re-love the pre-loved.’

‘We wanted to give people a more meaningful way of buying secondhand clothing,’ says Adrian Carey, New Business Development Manager at St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth.  

‘We have had some wonderful feedback on the boxes received so far from people across the country.’ 

‘They are delighted that one hundred percent of the profits from the purchase they make will go towards improving the care and the quality of the last moments of people’s lives at St Luke’s Hospice Plymouth.’

The team plan to expand their offering to include other accessories alongside a range of men’s clothing and items suitable for children. 

A passion for clothes

Designed for people with a passion for clothes, who want to avoid a hefty price-tag and are looking to protect the world from needless waste, the charity has already seen orders soar beyond their original predictions. 

‘b.kinda gives everybody, no matter what their budget, a fashion fix that is both ethical and environmentally friendly,’ says Victoria Lammie, E-Commerce Manager at b.kinda.

‘The clothes we wear have the power to drive change and at b.kinda this means more than sustainable retail therapy, it means the world to the people that one hundred percent of the profits will help.’

The service offers women the opportunity to have clothes selected by the b.kinda team based on the age they like to dress, clothing size and colour preferences. 

The team carefully pack them into environmentally friendly packaging and then post them to clients across the UK.

‘b.kinda’s parent charity began in 1982 offering dignity, care and kindness to tens of thousands of people,’ explains Victoria. 

‘Our new journey into pre-loved fashion began from our large network of much-loved volunteer-run charity shops.’ 

‘It has transitioned into a pioneering nationwide online retail store that is laying the foundation for better living. One hundred percent of the profits to go to charity.’

Environmentalists believe consumers are turning to second hand clothing as awareness continues to grow about the potentially negative effects of so-called ‘fast fashion.’ 

‘Many pre-owned items have a reputation for lasting strength and durability. Hence having served their first owner well and maintained their quality, unlike many fast fashion items that wear off after their first use,’ says Victoria. 

‘We are blessed with a steady stream of donations to our charity shops and so it is a real joy to be able to increase the possibility of thrifty buyers getting their hands on our ever-changing merchandise without the environmental cost of new ethically challenging fashion playing on their conscience.’

Photographs kindly supplied by Bracken Jelier, BJPR.

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