Using hypnotherapy to boost confidence for your driving test. Imagery: Shutterstock.
Using hypnotherapy to boost confidence for your driving test. Imagery: Shutterstock.

Inspiraology: overcoming driving test nerves

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Hypnotherapy training team on reducing anxiety and boosting confidence

For many people, tearing up the ‘L’ plates is a real rite of passage into the adult world.

But, for others, heading into the driving test centre can create a tremendous sense of worry with concerns over what potential failure might mean for them.

A team of hypnotherapy training specialists are reassuring learner drivers by discussing ways to help to increase their confidence levels.

The Inspiraology team explain how working with a qualified and experienced hypnotherapy practitioner can make all the difference when we’re faced with tests or exams.

‘Driving test fears are a common experience that can cause significant anxiety and stress,’ explains Matthew Cahill, director of Inspiraology.

‘Many people may feel overwhelmed at the prospect of taking the test, and this anxiety can interfere with their ability to perform well.’

‘We can work with the individual to identify the specific fears and anxieties causing stress and anxiety related to the test itself.’

‘We can then use positive suggestions and imagery to help reframe these fears and increase confidence.’

‘One common approach in hypnotherapy is using something called visualisation. This involves guiding an individual through a mental rehearsal of the driving test, in which they visualise themselves performing well and feeling confident.’

‘This can help reduce anxiety and build confidence in their ability to succeed on the day itself.’

‘Addressing root causes for driving test fears’

‘Another approach is addressing the root causes of the driving test fears. So, if an individual is experiencing anxiety relating to the pressure to perform then we can help them develop coping strategies and a positive mindset.’

The Inspiraology team have looked at a number of factors which can affect someone who is about to undertake a driving test.

‘One of the most common causes of driving test fears is performance anxiety. This is the fear of failing the test, making mistakes, or forgetting important information.’

‘To combat this anxiety, practising driving, with your instructor, in various situations is essential. This will help build confidence and prepare for the challenges during the test.’

‘Additionally, taking practice tests can help familiarise yourself with the driving test format and build confidence in your abilities.’

The team point to the fear of failing as being a significant source of anxiety for learner drivers. Afterall, the thought of having to retake the test or delaying the ability to get a driver’s licence can be stressful.

‘Recognising that failing the test is not the end of the world is essential. Many people fail their first driving test and go on to pass on their second or third attempt.’

‘It’s important to approach the test positively and remember that it’s a learning experience.’

Practicing to build confidence

‘For people new to driving, the driving test may be the first time they must demonstrate their skills behind the wheel.’

‘This lack of experience can lead to feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. Practising driving in various situations is essential to build confidence and reducing stress.’

‘This may include driving on different types of roads, in other weather conditions, or during different times of the day.’

The team recommend seeking support and positive encouragement from friends and family to reduce any performance pressure on the driver.  

‘Driving test fears are a common experience that can be overcome with practice, positivity, and support.’

‘Hypnotherapy can offer several benefits for individuals struggling with driving test fears.’

‘It can help reduce anxiety and stress related to the test, build confidence in your ability to perform well and to help to develop positive coping strategies for dealing with test-related stress.’

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