Navigating pregnancy as a LGBT+ person

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Positive Birth Company launches free workshop 

Parenting Brand of the Year 2022 ‘The Positive Birth Company’ has released a free workshop which is focused on navigating pregnancy as a LGBT+ person.

The free workshop is hosted by Laura-Rose, Founder of LGBT Mummies, an organisation which provides education, training and consultancy.

The group’s aim is to better support the LGBT+ community through healthcare, workplace and society.

In the workshop, Laura-Rose provides practical guidance for expectant LGBT+ parents. The aim is to help attendees feel more confident and empowered as they navigate pregnancy. 

She walks you through everything from attending your first doctor’s appointment, to how to deal with discrimination (if it arises).

‘We want to prepare and give you the tools to support yourself, ensuring nothing takes you by surprise,’ says host Laura-Rose.

The workshop includes an insightful case study from trans Dad of two Freddy McConnell. Freddy shares his experiences of pregnancy, and birth, in the UK.

Sharing experiences

‘Since my first pregnancy in 2018 and now, things have changed a lot and things are clearly moving in the right direction,’ says Freddy. 

‘I think that’s most visible in the NHS itself, now there are resources on the NHS website.’ 

‘It’s far from perfect but things are definitely moving in the right direction and there is absolutely a path to family and parenthood that is available to you and me.’

The Positive Birth Company is committed to creating digital resources and education for all parents.

‘PBC is on a mission to make birth education more accessible for all, because we believe everyone deserves equal access to the knowledge, tools and support for the best pregnancy and birth possible,’ says Siobhan Miller, Founder of The Positive Birth Company.  

‘It is our responsibility to use our platform to actively promote inclusion and equality. We are committed to representing LGBTQIA+ parents and to increase visibility for all.’ 

The new workshop is available for everyone to access on YouTube for free. 

The new workshop is also included in the company’s online course ‘The Pregnancy Pack’ which is a digital pregnancy manual for the 21st century. 

The Pregnancy Pack offers on-demand, expert guidance to help parents navigate the next nine months in an informed, confident and empowered way.

Founded in 2016 by Siobhan Miller, The Positive Birth Company’s aim is to make antenatal and postnatal education and support more accessible for everyone.

View the pregnancy pack here:

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