Jordan Westcott: New MD for Exeter IT company, Timewade. Photograph supplied courtesy of Program Agency.
Jordan Westcott: New MD for Exeter IT company, Timewade. Photograph supplied courtesy of Program Agency.

New MD for top Exeter IT company

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New MD for top Exeter IT company

Timewade announces Jordan Westcott to take helm

Exeter IT company, Timewade, is celebrating a new chapter in its history following the recent announcement that Jordan Westcott will become its new Managing Director.

The company is seen as a leading technology partner for business enterprises in the South West.

Jordan Westcott, who joined the company over a decade ago, is set to take the helm as the new Managing Director, in September 2023. He will succeed Julian Wills, who will transition to the role of CEO.

Jordan joined the company in 2008 at the age of 16 from St Lukes School, Exeter. He took the role of an apprentice engineer which ignited his passion for technology and client service.

Over the years, he has gained invaluable experience across various roles. From working on the Service Desk responding to technical issues, to advising clients as a consultant, Jordan has developed a deep understanding of every part of the business.

‘I am excited to step into the role of Managing Director,’ explains Jordan. ‘Timewade has been my home since the beginning of my career, and I’ve had the privilege to witness its growth and evolution over the past 15 years.’

‘I am looking forward to building on our legacy of exceptional client service, innovation, and a vibrant company culture.’

He has been Operations’ Director since October 2019. The team explains he has  ‘been instrumental in executing the company’s strategic vision, driving the company’s development strategy and fostering strong customer relationships.’

‘A trusted technology partner’

They add that Timewade has solidified its position as a trusted technology partner for Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which has helped these businesses to grow and succeed.

Established in 1984 as Cash Register Services, Timewade originally sold and refurbished cash registers before broadening their offering to technology support and IT solutions.

IT specialists: Timewade team. Image kindly provided by the Program Agency.

Last year, Timewade moved into a new head office at Winslade Park in Exeter to support its growing team. It has also partnered with Exeter College to encourage young people into the sector.

Timewade currently has two Exeter College apprentices in their team, as part of their dedication to supporting young talent into the growing world of technology.

‘Watching Jordan’s growth within Timewade has been immensely rewarding,’ says Julian Wills, the outgoing Managing Director and new CEO.

‘From his beginnings as an Apprentice to his pivotal role as Operations Director, he has consistently demonstrated his unwavering commitment to our company’s values and goals.’

‘I am confident that his passion and dedication will lead Timewade to new heights.’

Jordan’s promotion comes at an exciting time as Timewade continues to expand its services in the technology landscape, working with organisations in the South West and beyond to provide proactive technology support to achieve business goals.

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