Aim for success with The Observatory Practice's weight management course. Image: Shutterstock.
Aim for success with The Observatory Practice's weight management course. Image: Shutterstock.

New Plymouth based course aims to help weight management

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Seven week course packed with tips and tools to help you with your goals

A new weight management course is being launched in September to help anyone who is struggling with their weight loss goals.

The seven week programme is being run by the Plymouth based team at The Observatory Practice.

Their aim to provide attendees with all of the information and support they need to help them stay on track when focusing on their targets. 

‘The course covers a variety of topic areas,’ explains Jo Perry, a clinical hypnotherapy practitioner. ‘We’ll be looking at everything from “emotional eating” through to the physiology of eating and the psychology of weight management.’

‘We explore the impact of stress on our lives and the importance of reducing its affects when we look at diets and weight management.’

‘We look at positive thinking techniques, which are crucial in helping us to reach and maintain our ideal weight and size.’

Jo has built up an excellent track record in helping people with weight management issues having successfully built a career a hypnotherapist over the past ten years. She has more than 20 years of teaching experience.

‘The course will also focus on the importance of sleep and how we can improve the amount of quality sleep we experience on a nightly basis. We look at relaxation techniques and how hypnotherapy can help.’

‘A healthier and happier relationship with yourself and food’

The course focuses on the importance of the small steps you can take to help achieve the bigger goals. Organisers say participants should experience a healthier, happier relationship with yourself and food.

The Observatory Practice’s Jo Perry is running the seven week weight management programme.

‘We work in a holistic way towards your weight management goals, providing information, tools and techniques that you can continue to use after the course has ended.’

‘You will receive many of the benefits of weight loss hypnotherapy, but within a warm, friendly group setting, and for a much smaller cost.’

‘This is a supportive and positive course, aimed at encouraging self-awareness and self-compassion.’

‘There is no obligation to share anything personal during the course, and there is no competitiveness amongst course delegates. We are a “shaming-free zone,”’ explains Jo.

Each session will include a presentation of information about weight management alongside general discussion and goal-setting. There will also be a section solely focused on relaxation, visualisation and meditation.

Each participant receives a digital download or MP3 recording as part of the course which they’re encouraged to listen to throughout, and beyond, the programme.

‘Relaxation and meditation’

Organisers will provide tools and techniques to use outside of the course (as well as opportunities to join future weight management and wellbeing courses).

‘During the classes, participants will spend some time in a state of relaxation or meditation – for which you will either lie on a yoga mat on the floor or where you can remain in a chair. Blankets will be provided.’

‘If you wish to bring any items to help you feel more comfortable, such as you own mat or cushion then we encourage you to do so.’

The course will be taking place in October at Plymouth’s Observatory Practice which is situated in The Crescent.

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