Plymouth Based Travel Expert Makes Dreams Come True

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Holiday magic

With ‘lockdown’ officially becoming the ‘word of the year,’ many people may be looking to 2021 to sprinkle some much-needed magic into their holiday plans and, perhaps, to do something a little bit different.

And travel expert Karen Thornton is rapidly becoming a ‘go to’ person to make those holiday dreams come true. 

With an award-winning career spanning almost three decades in the travel industry, she’s renowned for adding those all-important personal touches to a tailor-made holiday which will make it so memorable. 

Karen works closely with all her clients to plan every minute detail of their trip to ensure their expectations are not only met but are superseded.     

Imagine doing something, which not only can be regaled to your colleagues and friends but also becomes the stuff of family legend. In other words, something which you can share with your nearest and dearest for years to come. 

As part of the outstanding Travel experts or Counsellors network, she is able to provide a completely unique experience for you. And it all starts with her getting to know you as a person which means she can refine your itinerary to perfectly fit with your personality and those around you. 

‘I can add specific aspects to your holiday which you can’t receive if you book on-line,’ she says. ‘It’s the little touches which I can add to provide added quality for your holiday experience, from the expected to the unexpected.’

And, for a couple of recent honeymooners, those extra touches included breath taking trips, by boat and helicopter, to and from their Five Star St Lucia Hotel. They even had room upgrades.

Karen isn’t connected to any particular provider and that means she can effectively act as both travel expert or agent and tour operator. 

‘The way I work is far removed from a High Street travel expert or agent whereby you pop in and chat for an hour before you book and go.’

‘I provide a full consultation for you, with fact finding questions so I can find out exactly what you want to do.’

‘Our knowledge of the travel industry means we’ve built up a network of local contacts throughout the world which ensures whatever holiday we provide is not the ‘run of the mill package’ but something which has added value in creating a unique experience.’  

‘I really believe making dreams come true is the best part of my job. I love travelling and it’s truly rewarding when I hear about the incredible experiences my client has had with the knowledge that I’ve played a role within the creation of those memories.’

Travel plan flexibility

With this year’s Covid 19 pandemic resulting in the world experiencing restrictions for free movement, it’s hugely reassuring to know that you can have flexibility over your travel plans.

‘We perform the role tour operator which means we can be very flexible and provide rapid responses for people who may need to alter their itinerary.’  

‘We’re easy to contact with an excellent on-line service plus I’m always here to help and that even includes seven o’clock on a Sunday evening!’ 

‘Not only do I provide honest advice, but I also have the expert knowledge to try to ensure you have a safe trip. Travel Counsellors keep fully up to date with world events and always provide honest advice.’  

Karen spent five years working as a specialist for both the Caribbean Islands and the Maldives. 

‘I love talking about travel experiences and the best part of the job is to fulfil the one off, once in a lifetime trip. New voyages always broaden the mind.’

For Karen, her passion for travel began when she was 20 and bought a £49 holiday to Israel where she was able to visit a kibbutz, enjoy the magical wonders of the Dead Sea and swim with dolphins in the Red Sea before visiting key historical sites, including Masada, Acre and Jerusalem.  

With more than 1900 Travel Counsellors across the world, the team is able to share their knowledge and cultural backgrounds to ensure their clients benefit from their specific expertise.

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