b.kinda sells pre-loved clothing mystery boxes with 100% of the sale going to end-of-life care.
b.kinda sells pre-loved clothing mystery boxes with 100% of the sale going to end-of-life care.

Preloved perfect for Christmas

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Mystery clothing boxes = thoughtful giving

Christmas shoppers are being asked to consider re-loving the pre-loved by making second hand their first choice of gift this Christmas.

b.kinda Clothing is an online business that sells pre-loved clothing mystery boxes with 100% of the sale going to end-of-life care.

The boxes cost £20.95 and are designed for people with a passion for women’s clothes, who want to avoid a hefty price-tag and protect the world from needless waste.

In the 18 months since they launched they’ve taken the world by storm with many fashion and pre-loved influencers giving them a BIG seal of approval, including Charity Shop Girl, The Duchess of Thrift and Cole and Abbie.

With 100% of the money raised going towards end-of-life care and over 39,000 pieces of clothing being saved from landfill so far, it’s an ethical choice with-a-difference for a loved one this Christmas.

The service offers the opportunity to have clothes selected by the b.kinda team based on a profile they create. In other words, you can choose from the ‘age they like to dress’ through to clothing sizes and colour preferences.

They are then carefully packed up in environmentally friendly packaging and posted (for free) across the UK.

‘b.kinda gives everybody, no matter what their budget, a fashion fix that is both ethical and environmentally friendly,’ explains Victoria Lammie, E-Commerce Manager at b.kinda.

‘The power to drive change’

‘The clothes we wear have the power to drive change and at b.kinda this means more than sustainable retail therapy, it means the world to the people that one hundred percent of the profits will help. One hundred percent of the profits to go to charity.’

‘As a Christmas gift it’s a generous way to do something that’s memorable and different that avoids all the unnecessary waste that the festive season usually generates. It’s also the perfect way to find some sparkly Christmas clothes for the party season!’

Retailers across the globe are becoming quickly aware that the fast-fashion industry is quickly going out of fashion in the light of the looming secondhand sale trend fuelled by buyers’ worries about sustainability.

‘Many pre-owned items have a reputation for lasting strength and durability. Hence having served their first owner well and maintained their quality, unlike many fast fashion items that wear off after their first use,’ says Victoria.

‘We are blessed with a steady stream of donations to our charity shops and so it is a real joy to be able to increase the possibility of thrifty buyers getting their hands on our ever-changing merchandise without the environmental cost of new ethically challenging fashion playing on their conscience.”

For more information, visit: https://www.bkinda.co.uk/

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