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DUBAI, UAE, Aug. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Tarjama, MENA’s leading language service provider, has today unveiled its new and improved language and content services platform called T-Portal.

Tarjama ushers in a new era with T-Portal 2.0

T-Portal is the gateway to all multilingual content services; including content creation, subtitling, transcription, transcreation, translation, localization, machine translation, reviewing, video editing, media editing, proofreading, DTP and more.

This new version cements Tarjama‘s position as a pioneer in the MENA tech-enabled LSP landscape, consistently providing new services and improved capabilities that aim to further simplify content delivery workflow, cut down on manual input and reduce production time through an all digital delivery process.

“T-Portal is the Open Sesame to a wealth of services that we offer to help our clients with their content so they can open doors in the Middle East or bring Middle East to the world.

“To adapt to the future, we have undergone a digital transformation journey to become the first tech-enabled LSP in the MENA region where all our linguists and team members from Operations, Sales, Finance sit in a connected framework with the right technology in their hands. This way, they are better prepared for the future and we can offer our customers a digital and a much smoother content delivery experience,” said Tarjama’s Chief Product Officer Dr. Rebecca Jonsson.

“Since the roll-out of T-Portal, we have made incredible strides towards providing our customers with the best-in-market language services in the region,” added Tarjama’s Chief Customer Excellence Officer, Mrs. Sahar Salama.

“In keeping up with global digitization and the ever-changing business landscape, we sought to create a state of the art tool that caters for the complex nature of our customer’s linguistic requirements. With T-Portal 2.0, we’ve revamped our interface, making it even more user-friendly with added features for a streamlined content management.”

T-Portal users now have full overview and control over their language service orders, the progress, spend, invoices, and statement of accounts. Users can now also grant access to more people in their organization on the T-Portal enterprise account, where different users and owners can manage different teams and requirements.

The underlying platform for T-Portal has completely changed, allowing for a much faster interaction with Tarjama’s Front-Office team who will be handling all projects smoothly and timely. Tarjama has put an extra emphasis on data security, which is another key factor and advantage for T-Portal’s usage.

Zaid Al-Radaideh, Tarjama’s Chief Operations Officer, stated: “T-Portal provides our clients with ease of access anywhere and at any time as well as dashboards that allow for greater control, centralized view, and real-time order status. Users can easily view information within the system, or if preferred, leverage the custom export data feature.”

This new iteration of the platform keeps in stride with Tarjama’s core innovative drive. Recognized by Gartner as “a representative vendor of AI-enabled translation services,” the company combines its deep knowledge of the MENA region with their ingenious solutions, offering a wide range of game-changing tech-enabled language services.

About Tarjama

Tarjama is a professional language services and language technology provider helping companies scale rapidly through multilingual content. Founded in 2008 by Nour Al Hassan, Tarjama has quickly grown to dominate the localization market in the MENA region through its proprietary line-up of innovative language solutions, specifically custom-built for the Arabic language.

With a mission to help companies realize their potential for global growth, Tarjama is committed to delivering language solutions that meet international standards of quality, speed, security and cost-efficiency. It offers an end-to-end range of AI-powered language services including translation, localization, interpretation, content creation, transcription, subtitling and strategic advisory. To find out more about Tarjama, visit www.tarjama.com.

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