UK charity ShelterBox supports Chad’s refugees

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Aid arrives in Sudan following violence in African country

Emergency shelter aid and other essential items from the international disaster relief charity ShelterBox have arrived in Chad, where more than 150,000 people have fled since the conflict in neighbouring Sudan began.  

More than one million people have had to flee their homes in Sudan, either across one of its many borders or by becoming displaced internally.

Events stem from long-simmering tensions between the country’s military and primary paramilitary force which finally erupted into widespread violence in April.  

A ShelterBox response team has just returned from Chad, where it has partnered with INTERSOS Tchad with the aim of providing thousands of people with emergency shelter.  

‘The humanitarian need in Chad was already significant before this latest crisis, which is making the situation even more desperate,’ says ShelterBox response team lead, Dave Ray. 

‘There are not enough emergency shelter providers in the country and insufficient funding to support the number of people who need it.’

‘The majority of refugees are women and children, they have very little with them, and need shelter, food, water, and access to health care.’

Providing shelter to thousands of refugees

ShelterBox tents have arrived in Chad along with items like tarpaulins and rope, which will help provide shelter to thousands of refugees. 

The charity is also providing essential items, including solar lights, mosquito nets, blankets, sleeping mats, and kitchen sets. 

‘With tens of thousands of people seeking safety in Chad and more expected to arrive in the coming days and weeks, we know the need for shelter is not going away,’ says Anna Dixie, ShelterBox’s Regional Director for West & Central Africa

‘To make matters worse, the rainy season is fast approaching and likely to make the humanitarian response a lot more difficult.’  

‘The items being distributed in the coming weeks are simple but effective. Tarpaulins and tents protect people from the weather, when there is no electricity solar lights help people to see when darkness falls, and mosquito nets help protect people from diseases like malaria.’ 

The latest influx of people into Chad includes refugees from Sudan, as well as returning Chadians, who had previously fled their homeland. 

It adds to around 600,000 refugees who were already in the country after fleeing violence.

ShelterBox is well-experienced in supporting people displaced by conflict and has led responses in Chad and Sudan before. 

In 2018, the charity provided shelter and other essential items to people in response to the ongoing conflict. In 2020, it assisted people affected by flooding in the country. 

ShelterBox is currently supporting people affected by conflict in Ukraine, Mozambique, Ethiopia, Cameroon, and Burkina Faso. It’s also responding to the worst drought to hit East Africa in 40 years.  

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