Inspiraology team explains simple steps to ensure a professional approach. Image: Shutterstock.
Inspiraology team explains simple steps to ensure a professional approach. Image: Shutterstock.

UK leading hypnotherapy training team discuss importance of certification

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Inspiraology explains simple steps to ensure a professional approach

One of the country’s leading hypnotherapy training centres explains that gaining the knowledge, skills and supervised practice is crucial to ensuring a student goes on to become an outstanding practitioner.

With an increasing number of people turning to talking therapies to help with reducing their stress load, Inspiraology explains that gaining that all important award to practice allows successful candidates to gain a competitive edge.

‘Our course means students have to reach a high level of expertise in a number of key areas relating to our work,’ explains Matthew Cahill, Director of Inspiraology.

‘The Inspiraology course means students have the opportunity to be awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma which is widely considered to be the gold standard within our industry.’

Matthew explains that certification allows practitioners to gain a competitive edge as the HPD shows potential clients that you know what you’re doing. It also means it’s easier to obtain insurance.

Inspiraology says certification becomes a passport to a wider world of opportunities as it provides practitioners with continued access to supervision – and to its specialist software which allows you to monitor outcomes with your clients.  

Having the HPD certificate is a real stepping stone towards further enhancing and developing the skills garnered during training – from deepening your understanding of Ericksonian language usage through to advanced psychotherapy techniques.  

Inspiraology aims to keep HPD holders ‘in the loop’ for a number of the national conferences which happen during the year.

These events provide an opportunity to share best practice techniques with industry experts. They’re also useful to provide you with invaluable networking opportunities to allow for an insight into new techniques or approaches.

Launching a successful wellbeing practice

With an exceptionally high success rate on its training courses, Inspiraology provides guidance to its students for how to start their own practices.

‘Setting up your own comfortable and professional practice is the first step for anyone looking to become a successful practitioner,’ explains Matthew.

He explains that space is an important factor so that the environment doesn’t feel ‘too cluttered’ or ‘busy’ when someone first arrives at your business. In other words, first impressions count!

‘Marketing is a crucial component for any successful business these days with a real focus on your social media profile.’

‘Sitting down and spending a bit of time to put together your own marketing plan is an important first step – and that includes making sure you have a plentiful supply of business cards and the creation of a professional website.’

‘Perhaps you might like to look at offering a free consultation which allows you to explain how you can help someone without placing any pressure on them to engage with your services.’

‘Word of mouth referrals from current or past clients can make all the difference for people looking to build their reputation.’

Matthew explains that hypnotherapy is increasingly seen as a ‘go to’ therapy for people looking for help to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. As such, the Inspiraology training team is seeing an increase in demand for its training provision.

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