Unimole: cuddly toy celebrates our unique selves

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Unimole: The Perfect ‘snuggle’ toy

Do want the perfect snuggle toy which gives an extra boost of TLC? Something in the form of a cute creature which exudes a lot of comforting love? Well, the founder of the successful gift venture, Life’s Little Recipes, has created the perfect toy to curl up with.

Unimole is a small mass of furriness and a unique edition to the Life’s Little Recipes range of presents, all of which are designed to convey upbeat thoughts for the recipient.

‘We recognise how very hard it can be to be a child in this day and age,’ explains Fiona Thomas, Unimole’s creator and the Director of Life’s Little Recipes. 

‘The idea of Unimole is she’s saying she can see you as being special, unique and loved. Moles are not always appreciated for what they are and are sometimes seen as pests when they actually aerate soil and eat bugs which damage plants.’

‘They can do great work in mixing soils and if they get scared then they can even flip backwards in their tunnel.’

Unimole’s creator Fiona Thomas takes a break during writing.

The Unimole character is the star of seven stories in four children’s books where she magically appears when a child is in need of some gentle reassurance and to calm their self-doubts and fears. 

‘Children can have a large amount of challenges with confidence and self-esteem and Unimole, I hope, can let children recognise that through gentle communication, they may not have to worry.’ 

‘If nothing else, just taking five minutes out to read will provide children with a chance to have fun and relax away from the hustle and bustle of their thoughts.’ 

The £15 cuddly toy is capturing the imagination of parents and children alike. Unimole has a CE certificate and conforms to all UK and EU standards. The toy measures approximately eight inches in height and 12 inches in width.

British soap star Sherrie Hewson celebrates Life’s Little Recipes and Unimole 

Millions of soap fans across the UK will remember Sherrie Hewson in a number of roles over the years. 

She’s played Maureen Holdsworth in Coronation Street, Virginia Raven in Crossroads and Lesley Meredith in Emmerdale. She’s really smitten with the Unimole toy – and the accompanying books.

‘They’re lovely, lovely magical stories,’ she says. ‘I love them. They’re beautiful stories and it’s a beautiful idea. Anybody can enjoy the books and I love the little hug in a bag. We all need a hug in a bag right now and we all need Unimole.’

‘It’s very good for children and people of any age for comfort, self esteem and confidence. You name it, it’s good for us all.’ 

Life’s Little Recipes began five years ago in the heart of Devon. Since then, the cottage business has rapidly expanded and Fiona sent 30,000 gift bags just in 2021. 

There are more than 35 different types of gift bag to choose from with its range marking weddings, birthdays and anniversaries. Each bag consists of half a dozen objects which have a strong metaphorical meaning.

It could be a bag containing a wooden compass to symbolise moving forward or a magical bee to represent the ‘becoming’ of your dreams. There’s also a heart to reflect love and compassion. A spoon is included to mix all of the ingredients together.

‘It’s a very thoughtful way, isn’t it? Of sending your love and caring to all your friends and all your family,’ says Sherrie.

‘Even before you open the bag you have a magical experience of knowing that someone has thought of you which leaves you wondering what’s inside,’ explains Fiona.

‘It’s the realisation that there’s something in the bag just for you to celebrate you as the person that you are.’

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