Vanpowers Bike Exhibits at Eurobike 2022 Messe Frankfurt in July with Breakthrough Assembled Frame

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BRIDGEWATER, N.J., July 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Vanpowers Bike, a professional and fast-growing e-bike company, unveiled the City Vanture, the world’s first assembled-frame e-bike, in May. From July 13 to July 17, Vanpowers Bike makes its debut at the Eurobike 2022 Messe Frankfurt with its much-anticipated assembly frame road e-bike City Vanture and vintage city e-bike Seine. The Frankfurt Eurobike show is the first time after two years of postponement, and many exhibitors anticipate it.

Vanpowers Bike at Eurobike 2022 Messe Frankfurt from July 13 to July 17.

In this show, the iconic City Vanture and vintage city e-bike Seine were displayed.

“Vanpowers Bike is dedicated to green and clean mobility and offering sustainable e-bike development solutions as people place more and more emphasis on environmentally friendly transportation and sustainable development. Through this exhibition, we intend to introduce people to our brand and e-bikes while also sharing our ideas for enhancing the performance and safety of e-bikes.” Vanpowers Bike said.

The premier international cycling expo, Eurobike 2022, serves as a major venue for demonstrating advancements in cycling and transportation in the future. From July 13 to July 17, 2022, Eurobike will debut at its new venue in Frankfurt, a hub of commerce and transportation. All across Frankfurt, the bicycle theme will be noticeable.

City Vanture, a road e-bike that Vanpowers Bike brought to the show, has globally exclusive built assembled frame. This assembled frame reduces the frame alignment tolerance to less than 1mm, which is close to the racing bike standard (0.2mm). And this e-bike is incredibly lightweight. More than ten frame colors to choose from. The Seine, a different urban electric bike from Vanpowers, will also be displayed. It is an urban commuter electric bike with front and rear baskets and fenders. The step-through design makes commuting convenient and ergonomic.

From July 13 to 17, 2022, Vanpowers Bike will be present at Eurobike Frankfurt. Vanpowers Bike’s booth at the show is F14 in Hall 9.0.

About Vanpowers Bike

Based on the goal of ecologically friendly and clean energy, Vanpowers Bike is dedicated to producing professional and high-quality electric bikes and is constantly looking for the next better e-bike. We create e-bikes using novel manufacturing techniques that perform admirably and look good. Every e-bike is treated as a work of art by us. We won’t give up on exploration. Let everyone’s ride be mega-powerful and comfortable.

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