Heart and soul is the DNA centrepiece for a unique set of gifts and ecards

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Special gifts made with a lot of TLC

Do you want to celebrate a special moment in someone’s life and are looking for a unique gift which says so, so much, but doesn’t cost the world? 

Do you ever think of giving someone a ‘pick me up’ present, something which will brighten someone’s day, but struggle to know what to send? Are you looking for a way to say ‘sorry,’ but simply don’t know how?

We’ve all been there. Trying to find something which is completely unique for someone we care about. Something which says, ‘I’m here for you’ and has its very own bit of TLC contained within its heart.

Devon based ‘Life’s Little Recipes’ is providing a special blend of present consisting of six sentimental objects contained within a beautifully crafted bag. 

These contents vary as there are more than 30 different types of occasion represented, everything from ‘thinking of you’ gifts through to ones which mark a special event.  

You can arrange for a Recipe bag to be sent to that special person to mark everything from birthdays to weddings and from friendships to times when a gift serves as a perfect ‘pick me up.’  

Each one contains a card explaining the metaphorical meaning behind each of the objects contained within the bag. These can include beautiful wooden heart shapes to represent love and compassion. 

Some bags also have crafted wooden compass shape to indicate a positive life direction and the idea that friendship means you always have someone beside you on the pathway of life.  

‘The number of bags we sent out during lockdown was immense,’ explains Fiona Thomas, Founder of Life’s Little Recipes. ‘It was a chance for people to connect with each other and say, ‘You’re not on your own. I’m here with you.’

The business has also just created a highly successful range of magical and musical E-cards. 

These animated and personalised products have just seen the launch of a Christmas themed card which uses modern technology to bring the delights of the season into your home.

Unimole: a tiny creature with a heart of gold

The star of the E-cards is Unimole, a tiny mole with a huge heart who helps to show children their special and appreciated. She helps them overcome their fears and boost their confidence. 

‘The animation is really heart-warming. We watch Unimole as she tunnels her way through a forest,’ explains Fiona. 

‘Snow is falling around her as she finds her way to a garden wall and opens a door into a room full of all things festive. A magical Little Christmas Recipe reveals its popular seasonal ingredients which provides you with a sense of happiness and fun.’ 

‘It all finishes with a wonderful bespoke message from the sender to their recipient.’ 

Plymouth based graphics team, Pushed, has worked on all the films, which lasts for more than one minute.

‘The E-card has taken two whole weeks of full-time work to produce,’ explains Dave Meadows, Managing Director of Pushed. ‘The 3D animation uses the same computer technology which is employed by film directors.’

‘Production takes a long time as just lighting a single scene can take a whole day. We’re using stop start motion and frame by frame movements to make the whole thing incredibly realistic.’

‘Doing so allows us to build up lots of different elements and combine them together in the context of a story board. We’re using high production values to create the effects.’ 

‘Each E-card becomes completely unique as you can individualise them to include your own personal message.’ 

‘E-cards can really bring the imagination to life,’ says Fiona. ‘They can explore an idea in so much incredible detail. It’s very work intensive and a lot of love goes into producing them.’

‘They really make a huge difference as they help to brighten someone’s day and create an immediate connection which is always lovely, particularly if that person is missing you or if they’re miles away!’ 

‘My sister lives in America. It can take a couple of weeks for a conventional card to reach her – but one of our E-cards can be opened immediately.’ 

‘She’s half-way round the world and we can connect in a sharing moment of love with her opening a beautiful E-card. She says it’s always a magical experience to receive one and it puts a huge smile on her face.’ 

Find out more at: https://lifeslittlerecipes.co.uk

Photograph: Fiona Thomas, Life’s Little Recipes. Photographer credit: Aisling Magill.

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