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‘Secrets from a coach’

The team behind the phenomenally successful ‘Secrets from a Coach’ podcast series have recently celebrated their 100th episode. 

Each session is rapidly becoming the ‘go to’ platform for many business leaders as they gain important insights into improving their performance from wellness coach Debbie Green at Wishfish.

She is joined by TEDx speaker Laura Thomson-Staveley at Phenomenal Training. Their podcasts explore how to achieve a successful mindset and what to put in place to ensure your toolkit will see you thrive in an ever competitive business world. 

Secrets from a Coach

The series was launched in September 2020 and has, so far, achieved more than 15,000 downloads – with exceptionally high star ratings on Spotify. 

A brand-new episode is published every Friday lunchtime with the same goal each week: to help listeners thrive and maximise their potential in the evolving workplace.

January allowed the team to focus on a four part series which explored how to set intent for the now, the near and the future.

They explained that by being able to identify what’s important to you, you can create a plan that enables a sense of freedom and focus. 

The goal is to work within a framework which is designed to keep you on track so you can navigate your way through the year. 

Choice, opportunities and possibilities

Rather than function on autopilot, they discussed how setting your intent can give you choice, opportunities and possibilities. 

Recognising employee engagement is a hot topic regardless of the time of year. The podcast also discussed how employee engagement is a two-way street.

In other words, encouraging managers to understand the people around them by delivering on their promises, being visible, providing clarity around vision and by valuing each contribution. 

The February podcast looked at ways to continue to be your best self and on top of your game, regardless of the changes and new innovations that are coming your way in the workplace.

As Chat GPT takes over the world, the podcast focuses on the things we can do to maintain our everyday human-edge skills that cannot be replicated by robots. 

This means looking at better ways to connect, innovate, engage and empower.  In short, how to get the best out of everyday conversations to build a stronger sense of community within your team.

‘Secrets from a Coach’ looks at ways to have engaging and motivating conversations. As well as how to develop, review and improve on ideas. No robot can do that quite yet! 

Afterall, being a caring, creative and curious person are the traits which make us human.

Dr Trudi Taylor shared her wisdom and experience of creating collaborative conversations. Trudi is a qualified professional coach, coach supervisor and Human and Organisational Performance Change Partner.

All about the team  

Exploring the world of teams, March is looking to shift conversations above the ‘drama line’ to setting a team up for success.

Perhaps now more than ever before, we’re being asked to work at a fast pace, with less resources, so we need to know how to minimise politics and maximise pace. 

Whether you’re in a hybrid working environment, face to face or a mix of the two – ‘matrix working’ is the new norm. 

Knowing how to empower our teams is a key skill for all leaders, but it’s down to each and every one of us to be accountable for clearly conveying a message. 

The team explain this approach relies on collaboration and showing how we care about others. 

So, whether you are new into your organisation or moved from another department – you will learn the skills to make or break the relationships through your words, actions, behaviour and attitude.

Discovering how to create a team that works together and thrives means work can be a place that enables you to be your best self and enables others to do the same.

‘Secrets from a Coach looks to accompany and help you to get through your day in a way that is conversational, insightful and practical,’ explains Debbie Green, wellness coach and podcast host. 

‘We want to provide a space for you to stop and think about your current approach and see if you need to add, delete or tweak any of your current behaviours to be an even better version of you, at work or home.’ 

‘With wellness at the heart of everything we do, take some time to listen in, learn and enjoy!’

Ideal for the commute, lunch break or time out

‘Secrets from a Coach’ lasts for a snackable 30 minutes which makes it ideal for the commute, lunch break or even a well-deserved bit of time out for a spot of TLC for yourself.

Each episode focuses on positive actions to help you thrive and maximise your potential in the ever-evolving workplace – and in life.

Listeners say the podcast leaves them feeling motivated, supported and armed with practical tools and skills, ‘Secrets from a Coach’ looks to help you maximise your confidence and success.

It lifts the lid on the real foundations for success in this new world of work as we continue to experience the biggest work and career shift seen in our lifetime.

With more than 100 episodes available to revisit anytime, the podcast library archive includes discussions on: resilience, change, leadership, careers, motivation, mental health, time management, hybrid working and confidence.

You can tune in to the ‘Secrets from a Coach’ podcast via Spotify or Buzzsprout For more information visit: www.wishfish.org.uk

Featured Photograph: Debbie Green. Imagery supplied courtesy of Fair Communications.

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