Hypnotherapy aims to help improve key life areas, including reducing our stress levels and improving our abilities to relax. Image: Shutterstock.
Hypnotherapy aims to help improve key life areas, including reducing our stress levels and improving our abilities to relax. Image: Shutterstock.

Top hypnotherapy training school explains advantages of using hypnosis

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Course leader reveals how Inspiraology can unlock people’s potential

One of the country’s leading hypnotherapy training providers is highlighting how training can unlock colossal potential for future practitioners – and their clients.

Inspiraology runs a number of training centres across the UK and in Europe. The team explains that hypnotherapy can be used as a powerful tool for personal transformation – and growth.

‘Our course allows students to gain an in-depth understanding of hypnotherapy. We start with the basics of what it is and how it works through to learning that advanced skills that can be applied after completing the course,’ explains Matthew Cahill, Director of Inspiraology.

‘Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy that uses hypnosis to help people overcome psychological and physical issues. Hypnosis has long been used to allow people to positively alter negative behavioural patterns.’

‘People will, of course, associate our work with helping people successfully stop smoking but we can also help people to reduce their stress levels and adjust their attitude to certain situations and scenarios which might have been causing them an issue.’

Improving relaxation and increasing self esteem

Matthew explains that hypnotherapy can help improve relaxation, increase feelings of  self-esteem and sharpen someone’s focus and levels of concentration.

He says the course can really help students to understand how certain techniques can help people overcome ‘negative emotional thinking’ and ‘decrease the levels of tension which they may experience in their daily life.’

‘The Inspiraology course covers an in-depth array of key areas required to run a successful practice, including how suggestibility can be used to help someone achieve their goals.’

‘We look at the science behind hypnosis and how the brain works when it enters into a trance state. We also cover the ethical considerations which good practitioners should adhere when working with clients.’

‘The Inspiraology course provides an in-depth approach to the subject which allows successful candidates to gain the Hypnotherapy Practitioner’s Diploma at the end of their studies. This is often seen as the gold standard for hypnotherapists.’

‘Our teams offer a range of support services for Inspiraology qualified practitioners – with regular supervision sessions and assistance in helping them to successfully start their new businesses.’

Matthew adds that it’s important for people interested in training to carefully assess the broad range of courses available to them.

Inspiraology: deepening knowledge and expanding skillsets 

‘When choosing a hypnotherapy training provider, it’s crucial to carefully look at what the course can offer you. Afterall, you’ll need a significant depth of knowledge when working with clients.’

Graduates from the Inspiraology course say that the training courses has been invaluable for them to expand their skillset.

‘Our students learn how the power of suggestion works and the various types of suggestion which can be used when working with a client – from the direct approach to a roundabout way of helping someone to achieve their goals.’

‘In addition to learning about different types of suggestions, practitioners must also learn specific techniques that will help their clients relax into a state conducive for hypnosis.’

‘These techniques may include deep breathing exercises, progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery or self-hypnosis scripts that the practitioner has written specifically for each client’s needs.’

The Inspiraology course gradually builds up the skillset of a student to a point whereby they can start to work with real people within the confines of supervision.  

‘By having the chance to practice under expert supervision, pupils can become adept in their craft and feel ready for independent work upon successful completion of coursework.’

For more information, visit: https://inspiraology.com

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